On the Road with M3 Insurance

MITA is pleased to announce M3 Insurance as an Event Sponsor of our March 9 event: Going Global: Leveraging US Trade Policy for International Success. M3 was founded in 1968 as an independent life insurance agency. Today they are a full-service insurance brokerage firm with six locations in Wisconsin serving industries ranging from manufacturing and distribution to government and financial institutions.

M3 brings knowledge to international risk managers and has direct connections to a global network of insurance specialists for companies doing business abroad or for international companies looking to establish companies here in the US.  They are proud to still be independent and privately owned.

MITA:  What values and benefits does MITA brings to your organization?

M3: The value of the Madison International Trade Association can be summed up in a few words – knowledge, impact and connections. The knowledge we and our clients gain through the educational sessions covers a wide spectrum of international trade – from compliance to shipping to banking, global sales and supply chain management. This knowledge is not just theoretical but because of the speakers – who are experts in their field, the information is practical and can be applied and put into action to help solve real international business challenges. MITA’s audience is a diverse mixture of companies from nearly all business sectors. It’s not easy to draw in such a diverse set of participants, but that’s what you’ll find at the MITA events.

MITA:  How are current events affecting your business and international trade?

M3:  Many of our clients are impacted by the challenges and disruption in the international supply chain. The challenging business times are causing companies involved in international trade to take a closer look at their supply chains, strategize on how to reduce the risks involved in doing business abroad.

MITA:  What have been your biggest challenges over the past year and how are you handling them?

M3: The rapid pivot to virtual work environment has been a challenge for every business who depends on building relationships. And, that is really—- every business in every sector.  Businesses are built on relationships – and relationship building via virtual environment is anything but easy. Thankfully our team, prior to the pandemic, was set up to pivot to a virtual work environment so from the technology standpoint, we managed that transition. And, from the relationship standpoint, we’ve managed to continue to support our clients and add value to their operations even in the virtual realm.

MITA:  What motivated you to become a sponsor?

M3:  International trade is important business to our economy and to our clients. International businesses can be incredibly rewarding but also incredibly complex. MITA is an association that creates learning opportunities that help take some of the complexity out of international trade. By supporting MITA, we know that we are also helping companies build knowledge about international trade, overcome obstacles that may be holding them back and make valuable connections with other companies involved in global business.

MITA:  What is one thing (something) you would like people to know about your company? Or what is something unique that people wouldn’t normally know about your company?

M3: One word: Culture. Culture is what draws in new employees, attracts new clients and makes M3 such an amazing place to build a career. Our culture is everything. It’s a culture that doesn’t just happen – it’s created with intention. Part of our culture is giving back to the communities we serve. In fact, the spirit of giving has been integral to M3 since our founding more than 50 years ago. With the launch of the M3 Foundation in 2016, M3 has taken this instinct of generosity to the next level. M3 continues to support the charitable attitudes and actions of M3 employees, while the M3 Foundation solidifies our commitment to building for a successful future. Each employee has access to 8 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off each year, making it that much easier to put their time and talent to good use for causes they’re passionate about.



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