Ready to take your membership to the next level? MITA’s annual call for board member nominations is underway.

Are you willing to share your talents and expertise to help connect, inform and empower our membership? Bring your passion for international trade to help build engaging programming, enhance sponsorship and set strategic direction to move MITA forward.

If you are interested in adding your name to the ballot, please send a photo, a short bio (100-120 words) and a short paragraph on why you want to run for the board and what is the value of MITA in your own words (not more than 2-3 sentences).   The nominations should be send to the  Chair of our Election Committee, Aaron Zitzelsberger at

The deadline to submit nominations is 5:00 PM on Monday, December 5. 


Provide global know-how and information to our members.

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Create networking & educational opportunities on a wide variety of international topics. 

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Provides current, relevant and vital international trade information and resources.

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MITA is a Madison, Wisconsin-based organization with the simple goal to connect and provide global know-how and resources to its members. MITA provides international trade information to the organizations and individuals looking to expand their international reach. From trade agreements to export documentation to economic trends and prevailing world issues, MITA keeps its members “in the know.”

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The Madison International Trade Association (MITA) provides critical resources to EMPOWER Wisconsin manufacturers, organizations and individuals to succeed globally. Our mission is to foster a better understanding of the issues, practices, information, legislation and trends that affect and influence all aspects of global trade.