MITA established various committees to help meet organizational goals and to support the overall efforts of the association.  Committee involvement allows members to share their respective talents and experiences and adds to the organization’s value.  Participation in committees is voluntary and open to all active MITA members. 

MITA’s Committees, roles, and activities are listed below To inquire about joining a committee, please contact the respective committee chairs.

Committee Members:


Germaine Krystowiak, Swarming Technology       

Alison Jacobs, FTI Consulting

Maria Cartier, Port Milwaukee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is the connector and promoter of MITA and its members and sponsors to one another and to the broader international trade community. 

The Committee’s primary activities include:

      • Increase attendance and promotion of events
      • Connect members to global resources and information through MITA’s marketing channels
      • Provide value to MITA sponsors by leveraging its marketing channels
      • Provide marketing support and resources to other MITA committees to help them achieve their goals
      • Responsible for keeping the website current and relevant

    To share ideas or inquire about joining the committee, contact:

    Alison Jacobs: or Germaine Krystowiak

    Committee Members:


    Jenny Patzlaff, UW E-Business Consortium


    Mark Rhoda-Reis, Export and Business Development Bureau,  DATCP


    Christopher Rosborough
    Senior Tax Director at RSM US LLP

    The Program Committee focuses on the coordination and organization of programs discussing timely and relevant topics covered by knowledgeable industry leaders. Subjects and event speakers are chosen to provide the trade community with valuable and authentic information, with the goal of one’s continuous improvement in the field of exporting-importing. 

    The Committee’s primary activities include:

      • Develop a list of potential program topics incorporating professional experience and educational content with a proposed format and speakers for review and approval by the Board
      • Coordinate the logistics and execution of hosting in-person and/or virtual programs
      • Assign and support a Program Champion to oversee each program including securing speakers, developing the format and coordinating overall program promotion with the Marketing and Communications Committee
      • Network with industry professionals

    To share ideas or inquire about joining the committee, contact:

    Jenny Patzlaff:

    Committee Members:

    Nicole Hess, M.E. Dey


    Maureen Muldoon, Trek Bicycle, Retired
    Mingshu Young, S.C. Johnson

    The Membership Committee is responsible for attracting new and retaining existing members to the organization.  The Committee informs and engages with members, and communicates the overall value of a MITA membership.  

    The Committee’s primary activities include:

      • Identify and introduce individuals and businesses interested in or engaged in international trade to MITA and the benefits of membership
      • Ensure corporate and individual members maintain current membership status, and know and take advantage of the full benefits of membership
      • Develop membership campaigns throughout the year to attract new members and encourage renewals
      • Maintain the MITA membership database to accurately reflect membership information

    To share ideas or inquire about joining the committee, contact:

    Maureen Muldoon:

    Committee Members:


    Poonam Arora, Committee Chair, Arnold Magnetics

     The Sponsorship Committee conducts industry outreach to businesses and individuals to solicit sponsorship funds to support the organization and help defray programming costs.  

    The Committee’s primary activities include:

      • Identify corporate members and industry organizations interested in supporting the growth and exposure of the international trade community
      • Engage with existing sponsors to ensure sponsorship goals are met and financial obligations are fulfilled
      • Partner with the Marketing and Communications Committee to maximize promotion of sponsors on MITA marketing channels
      • Network with industry professionals and corporate members

    To share ideas or inquire about joining the committee, contact:

    Poonam Arora:


    Committee Members:


    Aleda Bourassa, Committee Chair


    Chris Wojtowicz, SBDC


    Rome Rauter, WEDC

    The Outreach Committee explores and cultivates relationships with other business organizations and entities for the purpose of mutual benefit to each other’s programs and activities.

    The Committee’s primary activities include:

      • Cultivate relationships with other organizations that share the mission of promoting global business, trade knowledge and professional development
      • Provide mutual support and promotion to each other’s organizations
      • Leverage co-marketing and cross-promotional opportunities through MITA marketing channels and those of our partner organizations
      • Network with industry professionals to increase awareness of MITA and its mission

    To share ideas or inquire about joining the committee, contact:

    Aleda Bourassa:


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