NASBITE International Conference – Session Keynotes

The NASBITE International Conference Keynote Session via Zoom was held April 23,  and featured presentations by three  leading small business experts. Specifically SBA programs that offer special support for small businesses during the pandemic were shared. The session was recorded and a live link will be made available. For more information you may contact Aleda Bourassa ( Aleda is a MITA Board member and a member of the NASBITE Board of Directors.

NASBITE International Conference Speakers:
Michele Schimpp, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of International Trade, SBA
SBA Debt Relief– As part of SBA’s debt relief efforts:
Christina Sevilla, Ph.D., Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Small Business, Office of the USTR, Executive Office of the President, discussed updates from the USMCA.
Andy Karellas, Executive Director, State International Development Organizations (SIDO) discussed the STEP Grants.
STEP Grants to States for Exporters: Wisconsin is a leading provider of STEP to help Wisconsin companies do more and better exporting. State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) provides financial awards to state and territory governments to assist small businesses with export development..  Contact a STEP awardee in your state to find out how they can help you start or expand your business to reach global customers.

Wisconsin’s STEP awardee contact:
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)
Katy Sinnott  608-210-6838
201 West Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53073
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